Professional Typo3 Portal

Hello! Is there any professional Typo3 portal available?

How much is the cost for using?

Thank you in advance for your answer!

what kind of portal are you looking for?
there is where you can register and access multiple sites regarding TYPO3 (slack, TYPO3-shop, forge, ELTS, …)

Good Morning!

I would like to create an information portal for my island. Including to present the news as also the sightseeing areas on the island.

Is there any Typo3 professional available (free or with cost)?

Thank you very much for your answer.

a web-portal is a system where you have individualized information, maybe with interaction (messages, chat, forum) between users.
if you only want to present different kind of information any CMS may match. and of course: TYPO3.
there is an extension specialized for news, so you can display different news depending on categories, publishing date, already visible in another part of the current page (teasered), …)
any other information can be normal content on normal pages.
as any CMS the menu is generated automatically, depending on visibility of pages.
It’s up to you to structure the pages so any visitor can navigate easily and find the interesting data.