Ping home (working title)

By Florian Froidevaux

What is your idea about?
telemetric data collection

What do you want to achieve by the end of Q1 2024?
"done a working group sprint, evaluated ping home data privacy and security implications.

At the end of Q1, a technical concept will be ready and presented to the community.
The concept will be evaluated by a data protection expert."

What is the potential impact of your idea for the overall goal?
telemetric data helps the project (and agencies) to messure adoption of TYPO3

Which budget do you need for your idea?
5.000 Euro


I can’t emphasize enough how important this feature would be for TYPO3’s marketing effort.

Knowing the TYPO3 adoption rate through anonymous and secure data collection will make it possible to know the results of our outreach and marketing activities. That means more efficient marketing and better resource use, leading to faster growth for TYPO3.


Couldn’t agree more with Mathias – having this would help out all marketing and communication efforts immensely!


Two things:

  1. This must absolutely be opt-in. See Disable external requests until opted in by admin - Discuss Topics - TYPO3 Decisions.
  2. A 5000 Euro budget seems excessive for nothing more than a concept. Can you elaborate how the funds would be spent?

Tread really, really careful here. A case study of what might happen, and did happen to GitLab when they tried something similar: GitLab Backtracks on Forced Tracking After Negative Feedback


The description says “The concept will be evaluated by a data protection expert.” That indicates both cost (those folks aren’t cheap) and careful evaluation.


When I said “tread carefully” it wasn’t about the legal aspects, it was about the acceptance aspects. Which is precisely what the whole GitLab incident was about: it was legally OK, but incredibly disrespectful to force users this way.

IMHO, we should care infinitely more about giving users the choice if they even want this (by making it opt-in) than we should care about whether or not some expert thinks it’s legally OK to do this (with or without their consent).

Wishes of users should come first. If they say no then there’s no need for a data protection expert. So doing it in the order proposed by this application is - again, IMHO - the completely wrong and needlessly expensive order.

Since I’ve been involved in the entire concept phase from Florian, I’d like to point out two things from your comment:
a) Nowhere did he state that this feature won’t be “opt-in-only”, so please don’t assume that blindly
b) the costs are more than valid, since this includes not only the entire conceptualization of this delicate topic, but also a multiple-people sprint and their working time plus the external data protection expert.

And on point number two: Of course is the evaluation from an expert needed, even if it is “opt-in-only”. This part of your comment just does not make sense. If a user agrees, we have to make sure to treat all data securely and make sure, all processes are signed off by a data protection expert.

We are more than aware of possible negative implications, that’s why we already spend multiple hours on carefully crafting the wording and the conceptual base. If you have any questions on this, please feel free to reach out anytime.


It is also not stated anywhere that this will be opt-in only so it is fair to assume that there is at least the possibility that it won’t be opt-in. If the community rejects telemetry altogether, any expense for external evaluation (and indeeed this budget, too) would be entirely wasted. I therefore strongly recommend that this gets clarified before a budget is assigned.

thanks to all for the input.
And I’d like to welcome everybody to contribute their worries and experience with similar projects. Needless to repeat, the many implications of this whole project. I take every concern very serious and won’t accept any rush. There are already docs that state more details about a wide range of aspects. These have been sent within the request and made things clearer to those who have been involved in the budget request approval process.
So please again to everybody feel very welcomed to join the project team and contribute.


Please be careful and respect our privacy and the privacy of our customers! :wink: