PhpStorm - a short review

When you are trying PhpStorm — or working with it — consider these tips to make the most of it:

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Thanks for your article. I also like the IDE.

There is only one problem I do not know how to solve it: *.ts files are used for TypoScript and TypeScript. Since both technologies are used in TYPO3 projects, I do not know how to setup PHPStorm to distinguish on a folder based level. Did you face / solve the problem?

I’m not using PhpStorm, but you should use the typoscript file extension rather than ts. See

Good article. I’ve been using PHPStorm for years and have never looked back.

We do, but the problem is, if you have to work with older projects. Sadly the file type can be adjusted (as far as I know) only system wide. There is no possibility to configure it per folder.

Yeah, we (team NITSAN) is in-love with PhpStorm which make life easy to developers. Thanks for your tips and tricks!

We (team MaxServ) are also in-love with PhpStorm which makes life easy to developers. We use this IDE daily and happily :slight_smile:

I really like the plugins deep-assoc-completion when working with arrays a lot and Rainbow Brackets which colors each bracket pair in a different color.