PHP extension "gd" not loaded

Hey there! :-))
By installing typo3 11 on my local windows pc in the current version I’ve got a number of detected problems all around the php extension “gd” like
gd not loaded; - GD library true color support missing; - PHP GD library gif support missing; and so on.
What I have done first:
I’ve installed an actual xampp version on my root directory on C:
After starting the apache server and mysql everything seems to be fine (localhost/dashbord)
So I have installed the current typo3 version 11 to the htdocs folder
After that I’ve created an empty file named “FIRST_INSTALL” without extension
Then I started the installation routine on my browser http://localhost/typo3/typo3_src-11.5.1/typo3/install.php and got this list oft detected problems.
As far as I see, xampp is including a php directory. So far, so good. There’s no other php directory on program files or anywhere else.

If gd is not loaded, you have to load it. As the error says it’s a PHP module that doesn’t seem to be activated in XAMPP by default.

Most probably you will have to edit your XAMPPs php.ini and uncomment the following line:


After that, restart your web server.