OTOBO Spam Queue Connected to Cleanmail Learning

Hi there,

As a long standing open source project, we receive lots and lots of spam on our official addresses. Since about a year, we use a external service (Cleanmail) to filter a considerable amount of those messages.

To support Cleanmails spam learning, one can forward spam mails (as .eml attachment) to spam@cleanmail.ch. While this is pretty straightforward for individual mailboxes, it was cumbersome from within our OTOBO ticketsystem so far.

As of now, all tickets moved to the “Spam” queue will be automatically forwarded to Clenmail once a day. Please make sure to move the corresponding ticket to the “Spam” queue, but do not close the ticket (it will be closed automatically after it was forwarded to Cleanmail).

If you are interested in the inner workings, please look into the corresponding repository. If you have any questions, please contact us here or in Slack #typo3-server-team.

Have a good day,