Order of template TS not consistent with static includes


I’m looking at the template analyzer and see the order of TS that are getting loaded:

In my template’s static includes, I have the following order:

Problem is that in the template analyzer, I get an extra ‘luxletter’ after its supposed loading order (which is at the top):

My guess is that this extra TS is breaking my luxletter TS overrides that I have in the jimb extension. Why is this loading so low even if I have a specific static include order?

Thanks in advance

That single ‘luxletter’ entry is an ‘Extension static’ auto-include: It reads files EXT:luxletter/ext_typoscript_setup.typoscript and EXT:luxletter/ext_typoscript_constants.typoscript if they exist.

Thanks for the response. Are these two files editable by me in a site_package way?

Also, is there any reference in the documentation for ext_typoscript_* files?

Ok, I found it. The two files need to be at the root of the extension package folder. Then, the static include of the extension package itself needs to be at the top in order for this to override luxletter’s templates.

Help was found at Files and locations — TYPO3 Explained main documentation