(Online) Core coding workshops - beyond the workflow

Application by
Sybille Peters

What is your idea about?
"There is a Contribution Guide - but this covers mostly the workflow. There is a lot more, beyond the workflow.

The workshops can cover specific topics or look at specific aspects of core development, for example:

  • look at an example problem patch and improve it
  • what to do and what not to do and why
  • writing tests and test coverage

If you write patches or read other review, you eventually ““catch on”” to what is essential for creating patches which will get merged. However, this may be a rocky road and take some time. The workshops can be a way to make the transition easier from developer to core developer.


What is the potential impact of your idea?
Happier contributors, patches of better quality, less time spent on reviewing patches

Who can / should implement your idea?
Core team

Approximate Funds needed

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I think this can be one of the workshops in Digital TYPO3 contribution workshop?

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Sounds great if we can merge some ideas together. My attention was however that the workshops are not necessarily just for beginners and do not cover just the contribution workflow itself.

But we could start with your idea, then go from there and also find out what the needs are:

  • from perspective of contributors
  • from perspective of reviewers and core mergers

Main goal for me - get everyone up to speed to write great core patches. And have common understanding.

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