Old TSConfig option "showNewContentWizard" should we keep this?

The Structured Content Initiative is working on a dynamic grid system and we have to take care of a lot of cases like responsiveness, translation, workspaces, etc.

The actual page module handle an option called “showNewContentWizard”, and this option add a condition in the record fluid template:

  • if this option is activated (it is by default), then a content record display a button to add a new content after it, and this button open the actual wizard in a modal.
  • if this option is disabled (via TSConfiguration), then, a content record display a simple link directly to the new content form screen, without showing the wizard for selecting a content type, and will display the first content type allowed for the editor. The editor will then have to switch to another content type if this first type isn’t the needed one.

We recommend to remove this old TSConfiguration and this condition in the record fluid template since we think it’s not used anymore,or at least, won’t be used anymore in next TYPO3 versions projects by the majority of editors.

Removing this condition would simplify the fluid template code for the content record’s new content actions and rationalize the effort for accessibility and UX on only one case.

We’d like to have your thought about it. Please give us your opinion on this!

So, do I understand right, you just want to make the behaviour from the first list point make the default, and deprecate the second list point here?

This option was created a long time ago, and to make it short: let’s remove it and have TYPO3 behave as this option would be enabled at any time.

Background 1: This option was previously partially helpful to allow people to only edit but not create new content, but was buggy, because editor could still use the List module (if they’d have access) to edit content.

Background 2: In addition, the New Content element wizard had a very different structure back then with TemplaVoila (with 4.0) to make this one interchangeable to the one provided by TemplaVoila.

I believe both of these use-cases are not fully implemented and/or not needed anymore and that’s why the option should be removed.

I’d vote for removing it, too. IIRC there are other ways to add a “default” CE without the wizard

I guess this old feature is superfluous, I don’t know about any customers of ours that would like the approach of “Create a new content and then decide to change it”.

The only viable use case where I see that this is indeed useful would be if you use TYPO3 as a depeche publication tool where you only have one type of content, but in this case, working with an extension like news would probably be the proper way to go about your day.

IMHO, this can go.