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Hello Community,

I am new to TYPO3 and have installed version 11.5.33 with the “templatevoila+” extension. However, I am encountering an issue on all pages, as shown in the attached screenshot. I consistently receive the “No mapping configuration found” error. Thank you in advance for your help and advice.

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Hi Rafran,

did you migrated from an older TYPO3 to TYPO3 v11 with TemplaVoilà!+ (TV+) or did you try a complete new website with TV+? In the latter one, I think TV+ isn’t an extension for you as the process to get the mappings isn’t well documented/described. So the question is, what do you try to achieve and why did you choose to install TV+? After this, I can try to help you.

Alexander Opitz
Maintainer TV+

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Hi Alexander,

Thank you for your response. In my case, I am currently working on a new complete website with TemplaVoilà+. We chose TemplaVoilà+ for historical reasons.

Ok, then you can take a look into TYPO3 Extension 'UIkit theme for TV+' (t3voila_uikit) as example extension which uses Fluid as template engine or TYPO3 Extension 'TemplaVoilà! Plus Demo Theme' (em_tvplus_theme_demo) which uses the old XPath as template engine.

At first you need an own theme/template extension, which defines your page. (Maybe TV+ should add a default “single column page” as start)