Neos 1.3 Sneak Preview

A while ago, while discussing the Neos roadmap, Gina Steiner, Christian Müller and me speculated about what would be possible, if we only had the funds to let 5-6 people of the core team work for a whole month on Neos. Fast forward to November: through a budget granted by the TYPO3 Association we were able to finance a significant amount of time from key developers at regular hourly rates to work on important features for Neos 1.3. Fourteen team members have been involved in total, some of them working almost full time. In the course of this three-week-sprint, they delivered features which usually would have taken more than half a year. You might wonder what we have been working on all of November? Here are the highlights among the many more small and large improvements in version 1.3.

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