Native Hotspots Manager for Images

by Rostyslav Matviiv

What is your idea about?

The idea is to have native TYPO3 support for hotspots on the images that were uploaded by a client. When you select any image in the Filelist module on the TYPO3 backend, you can open an additional Hotspots Editor. Then, you can assign any hotspot to the image by positioning it with your mouse cursor, adding a title, description text, and a CTA link, if needed, as well as changing the appearance of the hotspot. On the frontend, you have a simple view helper which can output the image like <f:image/>, but also render the wrapper with hotspots on it.

What do you want to achieve by the end of Q2 2024?

Fully functional Editor on Backend side

What is the potential impact of your idea for the overall goal?

There are many use cases for clients. We had already experience on implementing similar solution for German client and they really like that component. I think if TYPO3 would provide that feature natively this would be a great benefit.

Which budget do you need for your idea?

10.000 Euro


This sounds like you already have that solution. That’s why I’m wondering why we need to spend 10.000 on that? Shouldn’t it be possible to extract that into a TYPO3 extension?

Can you elaborate what’s the money is for?


Good Morning,
Thank you Daniel for your feedback.

Actually the extension I am talking about here was developed for one of our clients and it was done like a part of their business logic. It was based on TYPO3 8 which makes it outdated as customer don’t wanna update the installation :frowning: Also it never supposed to be a vendor extension as it is part of clients NDA project.

So by mentioning that extension I just wanted to highlight that such idea has own demand, but here we gonna implement new extension from scratch which will be standalone solution for such demand. There we gonna make it more natively experienced and based on modern approaches.

Most of the expanses will be:

  • Backend Editor and it’s designing
  • Frontend implementation
  • Testing and Support on early phases
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How will this extension be different compared to TYPO3 Extension 'Focuspoint' (focuspoint) or TYPO3 Extension 'Bw Focuspoint Images' (bw_focuspoint_images) ? Especially the second one sounds like it coveres everything already that you propose, see example images here: GitHub - maikschneider/bw_focuspoint_images: With this TYPO3 extension you can create responsive image maps in the backend. This extension ships an image editor that can be used to add areas and information to an image.


Hello Simon, thank you so much for your feedback.

About first extension it looks like it does something different.

However, about bw_focuspoint_images you are completely right!
It is almost the same one that we wanted to implement. I made an investigation before publishing the idea but for some reason I didn’t notice that extension.
So, yeah, bw_focuspoint_images looks like alive project, does the same thing and looks like the team knows what they are doing :slight_smile: so again thanks for sharing it with us.

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Here’s an idea: How about resubmitting this idea next quarter, with a lower budget, and spend the intervening time getting the bw_focuspoint_images vendor on board to help?

Getting this functionality into the Core is still a great idea!


I rather see the focuspoint extension in the core than the bw_focuspoint_images which is not a very common feature request.


I’m the author of bw_focuspoint_images: Let me know if there are specific feature requests, I’m open for improvements. But I also think that it should not be part of the core functionality.


Hey Mathias, thanks for an idea, however, as author of the bw_focuspoint_images says they have no plans to integrate their extension into core I would say there is no other solution so we might skip this TYPO3 initiative for now.

Hi Maik, thanks for communication, I would say then that the initiative posted here can be skipped.