MySQL 5.7 with TYPO3 v12

Most website in the world are hosted on shared servers. All projects am working on will be hosted on shared servers as well.

However, MySQL 8 has not yet gained any support on shared servers with any website hosting companies out there. As developers, we give our clients the freedom to choose where and how they would like have their sites hosted based on their priorities. The fact that companies haven’t caught on yet with MySQL 8 is a subject that has been well discussed on the internet. Here is one example:

Additionally, many website hosting companies use the popular ‘Control Panel’ by, which took forever to support it and when they finally did, didn’t provide a proper support for MySQL 8 out of the box but has provided a work-around which most hosting companies find reluctant to employ. See;

It’s not like choosing a PHP version. I tend to believe that website hosting companies’ reluctance has to do with having to mess up with tens of thousands or in some cases millions of existing databases.

I would like to use TYPO3 v12 for my current projects starting now. Since proper support for MySQL 8 is still way off, is there a chance that TYPO3 would delay the requirement for MySQL 8 at least until v12’s LTS? As of now, few developers would be able to deploy it.

We are working on features, needing at least this MySQL version to implement these features cross-dbms. Some of these features has been already delayed for some core versions, at some time it has to be raised, At that for exact this reason, so we can work on these features, the requirements for v12 has already announced in January - way before 12.0.

Raising ServerRequrirements are breaking, so it has to be done with 12.0 allready (no breaking changes afterwards).