Multiple site packages for multiple sites but typoscripts are common?


I’ve got two sites and two site packages. My separation - as I thought - was to help making separate module assignments, templates and css/js files available to my different sites under the same typo3 installation. The scaffolding site packages were created via

I thought that creating different templates for the different sites and static-including different extensions was enough. However I noticed that all typoscript code is picked up when a fluid template calls for it.

For example, if site B html template calls for lib.sub_pages (<f:cObject typoscriptObjectPath=“lib.sub_pages” />) which is only declared in site A’s site package, site A’s setup.typoscript runs to calculate this module.

Meaning that whatever I run in any “setup.typoscript” affects both sites. This is not what I want to do as I want to have separation of typoscript between the two sites.

So my question is this: If I have multiple site packages, what is shared between them when each package is static-included on each site? If typoscript is all common no matter where each site package is assigned, then is it enough if fluid template calls for different module names (like lib.sub_pages_A and lib.sub_pages_B)? Or is this bad design?

Thank you and sorry for the long text!


If you include the TypoScript in the root template of a site, it should only get loaded for all subpages of that root page.

To see which file gets loaded you can use the Template Analyzer (“View the complete TS listing”).

You should be able to find out why lib.sub_pages is available on pages where you don’t expect it to be available.

(Add TypoScript in the backend — TypoScript Reference main documentation)

Hello Jonas. Thanks to your response I was able to locate the offending part that was loading site A’s typoscript. It was a file ext_typoscript_setup.typoscript that I had to put in place at site A’s sitepackage in order to make Luxletter’s templates to be overriden in site A (following this luxletter/ at develop · in2code-de/luxletter (

If I take out the above file, typoscripts stay separated as you say. But luxletter’s template overrides stop working, I guess because luxletter has its own ext_typoscript_setup.txt file that forces it to load after my sitepackage. If I take out this file and change the order in my static includes, luxletter template overriding works.

Did I misinterpret the instruction in luxletter then?

Next copy the template file NewsletterContainer.html to your sitepackage in EXT:sitepackage/Resources/Private/Templates/Mail/ and modify it a bit with your wanted HTML.

Now you can include the file with a ext_typoscript_setup.typoscript file (that is important to include the TypoScript after the TypoScript of luxletter):

@import 'EXT:sitepackage/Configuration/TypoScript/setup.typoscript'

Thank you!

You can influence loading order of extensions. Since it depends on your TYPO3 version and maybe some more questions: Would you hop onto our main support channel (Slack)? I am sure we can help you better there.