Moving TYPO3 Core contribution to Github

Application by
Mathias Bolt Lesniak

What is your idea about?
It’s not a new idea, but it deserves to be mentioned and executed: Moving the TYPO3 Core contribution workflow to Github. The current contribution process is somewhat convoluted and is using systems and UIs that will be unknown to (most?) new contributors.

What is the potential impact of your idea?
This will lower the threshold for contribution, especially for first-time contributors, who will most likely already know Github.

Who can / should implement your idea?
I’m sure I’m not the best to do this, but I’ll help where I can.

Approximate Funds needed
below €5,000


Hi Mathias,

do you also intend to move the forge issues to github?

Hello Mathias,

thank you for your application. The goal of the TYPO3 Association is to reduce the amount of money spend on worktime for code. Instead the money should be used to enable people to be part of teams or to enlarge the community. Can you please explain why we should -in your special case- money for code should be spend?

I don’t understand this topic as spending money on code but money on improving workflows…


As @linawolf points out, this shouldn’t be understood as money for code, but rather money to increase contribution by improving workflows:

Increased contribution will make the community larger.

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This would be awesome since setting up gerrit is quite complex in comparison to GitHub. Quick fixes could even be done in GitHub itself via the web editor without installing anything. This would be a huge improvement.

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Just to make sure all involved parties are aware: This was discussed in depth back in 2018 already, see Migrate TYPO3 Core Issues from Forge to GitHub - Discuss Topics - TYPO3 Decisions. Don’t know what happened afterwards, though.

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Hey @steiner ,

just for the sake of completion: I did some basics 4 days before the pandemic was official (at your office, yay!), and found out that migrating the forge issues at least is a huge task itself (attachments, keeping the watchers, mapping the users, comments) and the GitHub API itself also slows down a bit. So in total I spent 2 days working on it. Would love to continue doing so, but I estimate at least 1 month of work to just migrate forge to GitHub (which would be the first step IMHO).