Misleading communication of ELTS pricing for association members

Hello everyone,

I just recently have watched the recording of the “Current State of TYPO3” talk of the Venlo conference by Daniel Fau and Benjamin Kott.
There it was stated that the “ELTS pricing” will be changed - making them “cheaper for association members”, to make it more attractive for companies to join the TYPO3 association.

Looking at ELTS prices in the TYPO3 shop today, it is a little bit confusing. Looking at the prices in a not logged in state, the “old” prices are shown. Logging in as a member, the prices a staying the same. So where is the rebate for members? After switching to a personal account, where no membership is associated with, the prices go up - OK, I get it: these are the prices for non-members.

I think this is a little bit confusing - showing the rebated prices in the first place - and changing them after registering / logging in.

On the other hand, speaking of “making the price cheaper for association membesr” is not exactly true, if you look at the prices for ELTS v9. Those had been before and still are 2200 EUR. The thing that has changed, however is, that the new ELTS v10 has a non-member pricing and a member pricing.
I think that is OK - but the communication about the whole issue was a little bit “loose”.

Please take this as feedback - as I am aware, that the pricing is done by the TYPO3 GmbH and not by the TYPO3 Association.

Best regards,
Uwe Michelfelder

Hello Uwe,
Thank you for your feedback.
Your observations are, unfortunately, not entirely correct.
The new pricing is effective from version 10, and we have not adjusted the prices for versions 8 and 9 for fairness and planning reasons. We have also not removed the Pro and Agency plan from the old versions for continuity reasons. That would have caused problems for some in the operative business.

With the launch of version 10, new prices and discounts apply to members.
The discount is granted automatically from version 10 if there is an active membership.
Regarding the prices, please note that the taxes change when you log in, depending on the country and tax ID. Therefore, this information is only available after you log in, which may change the displayed price.

For further questions, you can also contact our support team.

With best wishes

Dear Frank,

thanks for the immediate reply. Thanks for pointing out the VAT.
I checked again. For my personal account (which is not associated to the membership) the VAT is added.
With the company account, which is an association member, VAT keeps excluded, but the price keeps 2800 for the v10 ELTS. So when is the rebate taken into account? How much is it?

Best regards,

PS: I contacted the sales support also.

Then your membership is not correctly assigned to your company. Please write a short email to our info@ address. Our support team will verify and ensure that the assignment is correct. :slight_smile:


Dear Fank,

thanks a lot - all my need for info is satisfied now - thanks to the colleage of the support team also.