Meet TYPO3 — infrastructure and support around TYPO3 outreach and visibility

Application by
Mathias Bolt Lesniak

What is your idea about?
Every year there are many opportunities for TYPO3 to reach out and be visible in new and existing markets. At the same time, many central members of the TYPO3 community are present at events without it being a part of or mentioned in TYPO3’s official communications. We are also missing presence at other events.

This idea is to formalize how we deal with these opportunities, the related PR, and to expand existing platforms to facilitate the program. It also includes creating simple presentation material (ideally from existing material) that can be used where possible.


Any type of event can be promoted as a Meet TYPO3 event. Meetups and barcamps to international events. It is not limited to TYPO3-events, but could be any event that would welcome information on TYPO3, open source CMSes or open source in general.

Although having a presentation at an event is preferable, even being present with a participant people can meet and talk to at an event can be beneficial.


Primeraly people with official positions in the TYPO3 community (e.g. team leads), TYPO3 Association (e.g. board members), and TYPO3 Company.

Other central community members can also be qualified for representing TYPO3 based on merit.


  • Add a specially branded "“Meet TYPO3"” listing to’s event listing
  • Add public user profiles to or that can be used to present community members
  • Adding specially branded mention of TYPO3 presence at events to social media. Possibly including paid promotion.
  • Setting up an online form and workflow for adding events to the program.


  • Development of standard texts used in marketing Meet TYPO3.

  • Three sets of presentations that can be used at events:

  1. TYPO3 CMS — About TYPO3, features, cases, etc.
  2. Open Source CMS — About the benefits of using an open source CMS such as TYPO3.
  3. Open Source — About the benefits of open source with TYPO3 as an example.
  • Informational material for community members who could or wish to participate in Meet TYPO3.


If someone would like to go to an event as a part of the Meet TYPO3 program, these costs could be covered by this idea’s budget. It would also be possible to cover these costs through other TYPO3 Association budgets, such as the Communications budget (6602).

What is the potential impact of your idea?

  • Increased visibility of TYPO3 at events of any size in any location with low initial cost and hopefully high return on investment.

  • Providing a new contact point for people interested in TYPO3. Answering the question: ““Are there any people from the TYPO3 community at this event?””

Who can / should implement your idea?
I will take care myself

Approximate Funds needed
€10,000 - €25,000"