Mathias Schreiber from WMDB is driving TYPO3 CMS as fulltime product owner

Fri. 13th February, 2015

From different perspectives this is a remarkable event. It is the first time ever that one of our products gets a full time Product Owner who is driving development by doing item prioritization, clarification and communication. At the same time he, together with the team, is developing a vision for the product. This will speed up the overall progress of TYPO3 CMS tremendously. We already can see the effect in the product. On the other hand, it is remarkable, because WMDB is fully funding the work and there is, so far, no financing from the T3A. Furthermore, and this is remarkable as well, the initiative to go fulltime came from Mathias and WMDB itself. He felt that something needed to be done. Frankly, this is not special as the majority of all agency people realizes something needs to be done (and vigorously tell me or Olivier as this was big news...). It's very rare indeed that people rise above that level and start to actually DO something and stick to it. Like Mathias and WMDB are doing. I can only wish that many more would follow his example - there are so many things we have to do.

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