Manipulating listview - display other field than the default field header

Hi all,
I am still using v7.6 but will upgrade soon.
But for now I have the following problem.

When I go to the listview in TYPO3, the default field displayed in the first colum
is the “Header/Überschrift” field.
I know that editors can change these fields by selecting or deselecting fields.

But is there a possibility, to show the subheader field by default?
Is there maybe a possiility to manipulate this default behaviour in TCA, tt_content overrides, typoscript
or similar places/locations?

Yes, you can change it in TCA, e.g.

$GLOBALS['TCA'][<tablename>]['ctrl']['label'] = <fieldname>;

See: [‘ctrl’] section — TCA Reference 7.6 documentation

When you do this, you can show the header AND the subheader:

$GLOBALS['TCA'][<tablename>]['ctrl']['label_alt'] = 'subheader';
$GLOBALS['TCA'][<tablename>]['ctrl']['label_alt_force'] = true;

See: [‘ctrl’] section — TCA Reference 7.6 documentation