Lost Newbie

I am new to Typo3, and new to PHP, tho I am a developer of some sort.
I have tried to resolve this myself by reading tutorials, but I have just hit roadblocks - so please don’t think I am taking the easy way out.

I am just looking for some guidance on how to achieve the following:
I have a grid of images, and when I click an image, I would like to invoke a “widget” for an external ecommerce store.

This widget works fine in a HTML content element on a page by itself, but I would like to pass in the name of the image clicked as a parameter. I simply have no idea how to achieve that.

Any help or guidance will be very much appreciated, even if it’s just a starting point.

Hi and welcome to TYPO3

First i like to rephrase your requirements in my own words:
You want to create an content element which contains a html/JavaScript widget and you insert an “image name” on a clicking the image it will send the name to e commerce Plattform. And shows some product information.

To me this sounds like you need a custom content element (or plugin). Check the documentation here


Thank you Christian. I was hoping there would be a easier way.
I have the gallery images on one page, and the html content on another. Is there no simpler way to pass the image name from the gallery to the html?
Thanks again.

You need to redefine the generated markup of the gallery content element. Especially it would be a change to the links of the images.
With Fluid you need to identify the original Template or probably Partial where the image gets rendered, make a copy which you can change to your needs and add the path of it to the PartialPaths with a higher priority.