Licensing issue / GNU General Public License

My plan is to customize a distribution for the company I work for. I would like to use the introductory package as a basis. What happens to the licensing and the GNU General Public License as it should be specific (with lots of pre-defined and built-in configuration, database data, etc.) and only used for internal use? We don’t want to share it like i said it would only be used at work.

the GNU Project runs an Extensive FAQ section

DISCLAIMER: I am no Lawyer, but a PHP-Developer so don’t take my words for the thruth. this everything Below is just my understanding of the rules:

every Project which is Based on GPL Project also needs to Be under GPL.

but nobody forces you to make the Source code public Availibel unless your Distribute the software.

running the Software on a Public Accessable Websever, is not considered “Distrubtion” as the visitor only gets access to the Output of your software.

internal use and modifcation is fine. without Publication of the sourc ecode.

but if your worried for the Future (who knows maybe in 5/10 years you would like to distribute your code)
make shure to proper encapsulate your modifcation (in own extension) so everything your extension provices is under your Copyright.

if Plugins/Extensions fall under the GPL is a Matter for Debate.

As long as you create your own extension / distribution and you do not touch the TYPO3 Introduction Package and just use it as dependency you are safe.

But I would suggest not adding this dependency and directly rely on the Bootstrap Package instead like it’s done by the Introduction. The Introduction currently does not include a Sitepackage which is the recommended way to go.

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