Mon. 29th October, 2018

International TYPO3 Boot Camp at Hof University. Access to TYPO3 / Education / Certification

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Feedback from the SkillDisplay side:

  • The iT3BC team has reached out to us in a first online hangout
  • A personal meeting will follow around the 20th of November (Edit: The november meeting has been posponed by the representatives of the hof-university, we did not yet receive an invitation for replacement date.)
  • We did discuss the possibility of creating custom SkillPaths for the different tracks during the camp. This would allow participants as well as speakers to follow best practices recommended by the TYPO3 Education Team and GmbH for all skills also covered in an official certification
  • We can offer to link the output mentioned in the event description to the according skills to simplify access for learners
  • The Education Committee signalled support for holding official certification at this event if needed

The SkillDisplay team appreciates the initiative to create more TYPO3 content related to coaching/teaching.

My answers to your questions:

Q1) What is the target group of this bootcamp? Only students and members of academic institutions or everbody?

A1) Only enrolled national & international students will be admitted.

Q2) For the documentation, would be good joining forces and coordinated with the Documentation team and SkillDisplay.

A2) First steps are taken toward this. A first exchange of ideas is made with SkillsDisplay. We will meet in November in Vienna. The Doc-Team will be contacted as soon as the ideas are more clear.

Again about the target group:

  • About 170 national students and 80 international students are already recruted by Hof University Department of Computer Science.
  • 50 places are reserved / open for non-Hof University students.