Is opening a popup-window to Backend Layout navigating to specific content element possible?

Hi everyone,

I found out how to navigate to the backend details page of specific content element building a link like:


However I would also need to create a link to navigate to the backend page layout (e.g. https://intranet.stadtverwaltung.loc/typo3/module/***web/layout***?id=1) and making that site scroll, and also if possible mark, a specific content element there. Something like https://intranet.stadtverwaltung.loc/typo3/module/***web/layout***?id=1&uid=xxx

Is that even possible or am I wasting my time searching for a way to accomplish that?

Hi Salvatore!

Good question!

If I understand you correctly, you would like to link to a content element on a page in the Page module and make the browser scroll so it becomes visible to the user.

I’m pretty certain that this isn’t possible right now. You could theoretically create a link like, but because using the link triggers a server-side redirect to load the whole backend UI, the anchor (#element-tt_content-5) disappears from the link because the server cannot see that part of the URL.

— Mathias

Hi, Mathias!

That’s exactly what I tried to find out.

Thanx for the info. At least it’s good to know that currently it’s no use to search for a way to accomplish that.

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