Is it possible to have a sitepackage that can be used across multiple TYPO3 installations as a base sitepackage to aviod making the same change across multiple sitepackages?

Hi all. I am wanting to have a base sitepackage that would be used across multiple TYPO3 installations. Each installation would also have its own custom sitepackage to override aspects.

This is so I can add the base sitepackage for our microsites to get the base CSS/JS and Backend Templates ect. but also have a separate sitepackage to customise the site where needed with ease.

This would allow me to keep the base sitepackage up to date quicker and make site specific changes too. I want to avoid having to make the same change across multiple sitepackages.

Just wondering if this is possible and if anyone can point me in the right direction on how best to achieve this. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

short anwers “yes”

a site-package is just like any other extension in typo3 that we call them site packages is more a naming thing so everybody gets the same idea its an extension in your local typo3 distribution providing templates and configuration for your site(s)

what you probably want to do is create
base extension lets call that site_base which contains all the “shared” templates and configuration.

and your mircosite_a and microsite_b extensions would then “depend” (via composer.json) on that site_base extension.

depending on your use case you could even seperate the site_base extension into mutltiple “single” purpose extensions. so each microsite could do a pick and choose what features it needs.

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Thanks for the reply Christian. I’ve found some TYPO3 guides on creating an extension so I’ll give them a read (unless you have any useful ones to hand?). How/where would you store the base extension to be able to install it on different installations? I current store the sitepackages for each website on Github.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

i guess you have composer based installation.
then you would start a seperate git repository for the base extension.

than you cann use composer to require the package. using a git or vcs repository

if it is okay for your base package to be public you might even consider publishing it on this allows you to skip the VCS repository in composer.json

Thank you for this information. I am using Composer so no issues there. :slight_smile: