Install.php returned on configured sites

A mishap caused my soft link to the source file (typo3_src) to be erased. The link was reset, but the site (back and front end) goes directly to
and wants a new installation.

Attempting to fix the problem now has all my typo3 based sites doing the same. I have since replaced the source folder with a backup from when the system worked, but the install page persists. I do not see the site nor can I call on the backend login.
I am on the verge of deleting all and scrapping t3. I used to be pretty good at t3 2 decades ago. Currently, rather frustrated. Is there a solution or are my sites lost?

Hey Carlos,

it seems that the TYPO3 symlinks seem to be in order, otherwise prompting /typo3/install.php would probably result in an error itself already, so that seems fine at least.

Does your /typo3conf/LocalConfiguration.php file still exist in the given pages with that problem? TYPO3 usually only prompts a new installation if that file doesn’t exist in the first place, so maybe the mishap also happened there and you also need to restore that file!

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Yes, you discovered the problem. I can’t figure out how the LocalConfiguration.php disappeared in the first place. I know that on the server’s FTP, erasing a symlink essentially erases where it is pointed as well (hence my restore of the backup file). But I am certain I didn’t erase the LocalConfiguration.php. Mystery. Glad I got my sites back.

Thank you!

I am still a fan of T3. Like I said, I used it a while back (2006ish) and loved it. A lot has changed since then.

No problem, good to hear that you managed to solve the problem!