Inspiring People To Share

Fri. 9th November, 2012

Besides wanting to inform the community about activity outside of the german language area in the recent article about the Dutch TYPO3 Congress, I want to share something extra-ordinary with the community, which is also the reason why I titled this article ¨Inspiring People To Share¨. As some of you might have read before, Daniel Doesburg, a very valued contributor to the TYPO3 community has passed away a few months ago. Not many people outside of the Dutch TYPO3 community knew Daniel, but Daniel also had contacts with people from the Web Empowered Church. Daniel was a religious person, maybe a little bit like Kasper. Like Kasper Daniel had a deeply rooted sense of sharing. One of the attendants at the Dutch congress mentioned to me: ¨You could ask Daniel on Saturday evening about a problem. If he did not know the answer he would get back to you on Sunday morning.¨

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