Improvements for Fluid library/TYPO3 extension - and VHS

Application by
Claus Due

What is your idea about?
I would like to take the most multipurpose and generic ViewHelpers from VHS and add them to either the Fluid library or the TYPO3 Fluid integration extension - ViewHelpers like iterator/array operations (chunk, column, slice, sort, random etc.), special conditions (variable type, iterator contains, application context matching, extension loaded etc.) and include those either in the Fluid library (for the most generic and agnostic ones) or in TYPO3’s Fluid integration extension (for the TYPO3-specific ones). This work requires both general refactoring and creation of testing suites to completely cover the new ViewHelpers.

The adopted ViewHelpers would then be deprecated in and eventually removed from the VHS community extension.

What is the potential impact of your idea?
Fluid feature set would be improved with a lot of additional support for day-to-day use cases, without the need to install the VHS extension. This would also free more sites to upgrade TYPO3 versions when they are released, without having to be constrained by the availability of a compatible version of VHS. Finally it would help reduce the maintenance requirements for the VHS extension which I’ve been maintaining solo for a long time and which currently suffers from an available-time constraint and delays in releases with compatibility for new TYPO3 versions.

Who can / should implement your idea?
I will take care myself

Approximate Funds needed
below €5,000

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Hello Claus,

thank you for your application. The goal of the TYPO3 Association is to reduce the amount of money spend on worktime for code. Instead the money should be used to enable people to be part of teams or to enlarge the community. Can you please explain why -in your special case- money for code should be spend?

Hi Ingo,

I applied for working time costs to be reimbursed because otherwise I can’t afford to take the approximately two weeks required time away from my daily contract work (my only source of income).

It isn’t visible here, but I noted in my application that I can personally sponsor it if any more time than two weeks ends up being necessary, so there would be a hard upper limit on the working time reimbursement. I am quite happy to sponsor some time, I just can’t afford to personally sponsor 100% of the working time.

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A possible solution is to organize a View Helper sprint. So not all of the actual coding has to be done by Due.