Improve EXT:extension_builder

Application by
Alexander Nitsche

What is your idea about?
"this budget application is about improving the experience of the
extension builder extension
( in order to make
it as developer friendly as possible.

The targets are:

  • User interface: Reorganize the module template. Guide the developer on
    what to click next. Use a clean UI without that much text but focus on
    the essential:

    • Flow:
      • extension properties
        -> objects + relations + actions
        -> plugin + modules from controller + actions
        -> add caching per controller + actions combination (no manual
        input without any hints on syntax)
  • Documentation: Good and complete and detailed documentation.

  • User interface: Add detailed descriptions for every field /
    everything. Link to official documentation.

  • Management: Parse an existing extension into the Extension Builder -
    even without any Extension Builder configurations, just by TCA,
    tables.sql etc. Add a parser class per TYPO3 LTS in order to parse
    extensions of older TYPO3 releases as well. This helps the developer to
    port an older extension into a state-of-the-art extension. It helps to
    take over any extension as template for a new one. Working on the
    parsers has probably also a optimizing effect on all involved TYPO3
    techniques (Fluid, Extbase, TCA, TypoScript, …)

  • Management: Parse an existing extension of other CMS to help the
    developer taking over a project and porting its business logic to TYPO3.
    Add a parser class per other CMS major release.

  • Management: Make docking a new parser to this system by any developer
    as easy as possible.

  • Maintenance: This extension should always produce finest uptodate
    code: No documentation hints like “”… create the extension with this
    builder, then delete this file, move that file and rename it to …"".
    This is the entry to the TYPO3 world for probably many developers, works
    a an introduction tutorial of extension development and stays a lifelong
    best friend of every developer of a typical web agency which starts
    every months a new project with a new business logic.

Who can / should implement your idea?
I will take care myself

Approximate Funds needed
€25,000 - €50,000