I need to change homepage .How can i do?

Hello there! I’m new here and I’m a beginner in Typo3. I have a new website which is developed in Typo3 , and i need to change root page (the homepage) with another page. This page will be a sort of landing page with a button which will redirect to the old homepage. How can i do this?

Consider i’m at the beginning and i don’t know typo3’ structure very well.

Thank you in advance for your help.

please provide an example of the page tree you have and that you want to have. especially anote the URL paths and uids.

In general you can drag and drop pages in the page tree, but you also need to consider some configuration about root page uid, typoscript includes, maybe shortcuts and similar.
sometimes it’s easy to replace pages, sometimes it’s easier to move just the content of some pages. So: please give more information.

Hello there, thank you for your answer.

Here i attach the page tree and homepage configuration, i don’t know other configurations at the moment.

What i want is to put the page landing ( at the bottom of the tree) at the place of the home and put all the rest of site under the landing. How can i do?

Thank you in advance.


first approach:
drag the page ‘Landing’ beside ‘Home’, then drag ‘Home’ into ‘Landing’.
Then you need to adjust a lot of page IDs in typoscript and move template records around.

second approach:
use the list view and extended clipboard to move a lot of records around:

  1. in page HOMEmark all pages except ‘Landing’ and put in in the clipboard. go to ‘Landing’ to move all pages in the clipboard to this page
  2. exchange all content from pages ‘Landing’ and ‘Home’: mark all content in one page and move it to the end of the other. then mark all old content from that page to move it to the other. exchange the name of these pages.

In this way the page IDs of root page stays as is. also template records stay at their place.

Be aware that your URLs may change except you configure some slugs to be skipped.

you will have more information in your page tree which simplifies communication if you use this line in your BE-user TS-Config:

options.pageTree.showPageIdWithTitle = 1

Thank you for your answer! What do you mean when you write

Where do i have to add this line exactly? I’m sorry but i’m a beginner on typo3.

either in the be_user record or in a be_usergroup record.
both contain a tab ‘Options’ with field ‘TSconfig’