How to manage domains in a multisite environment?


Trying out Typo3 11 for a multisite purpose and I have two newbie questions for Typo3 concept.

1- Is it wise to keep main installation (I believe this is called “network” in Typo3 concept) on a kind of special domain which is not used for content like: “” and have different domains for each different root pages (i.e. “site” in Typo3 concept)?
2- How is different subdomains and domains managed in Typo3 multisite environment? Like for example I have added a root page (a site) and created the configuration for it with the entry point “” and added another site for “”. Now how do I set this “” and “” in terms of “network” to allow them to resolve to corresponding Typo3 site? For example how should I set the DNS records of those domains and what should I do more on Typo3 side?

I haven’t found these specific information in Typo3 documents and here I am.

This is a VPS managed with Plesk panel. I guess the only way to achieve this is via adding “Additional Apache” parameters like:


Or for nginx like:


This time it produces HTTP 500 instead of showing the basic page I setup.

First you need to understand the difference between your server software (Apache or nginx).
the server software decides which script to call when a request to a domain occurs. If you use TYPO3 for multiple domains the entry should always be the same.

Inside TYPO3 you need to configure that the requests to different domains go to different root pages. Therefore the ‘sites’ module enables you to assign page IDs as root for different domains (documentation). There you select the base of a page tree for your domains.