How to make a test instance of an existing typo3 page?

how to make a clone of an existing typo3 page for testing purposes. The following points would be nice to have:

  • all the hyperlinks on the testsite point to the test instance (there should be no confusion with links)
  • it should be possible to reset the testing instance to the current state of the live page

I read this guide: Migrate content — TYPO3 Upgrade Guide 11.5 documentation
But I don’t know if this is sufficient for my requirement.

So if you can point me to the right documentation explaining how to do this, I would be very thankful.
Also I have the following questions: Will it be enough to just copy the database?

Ahe export/import functionality may be good for just some pages. but I would not consider it for a backup and restore of a complete instance (with more than 20 pages, 200 records).

As far as you have worked clean with your live instance your copy instance should work with just a few alterations, which you could build in as variants for the next deployment of the live instance.

don’t use absolute URLs with domain. (if the domain is given implicit the url will work another instance as only the domain may vary)

copy database and filesystem at the same time as they depend on each other: with FAL the depency is reduced but still available.

with a typical three level deployment (composer based, with ‘development’, ‘test’, ‘production’) you have the typical configuration where you can copy data from production system to test and development and should get the ‘same’ frontend results (with links inside the current system).
Data (database and fileadmin/) should travel from production to test and development,
code and configuration should wander from development to test and production.

Be aware that some configuration still may be stored in the database.
This should become less with the development of TYPO3 and it’s extensions.