How to link to articles of same category?


I have added some category records into a new folder ‘Categories’. Then I assigned categories to pages. I see that each category has its own url, so for example, category ‘cat1’ has a url of ‘/cat1’.

However, I was expecting that I would be able to get a collection of page results when I point my browser to https://sitename/cat1. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance

There is no default plugin that would provide such URL extensions (detail pages) for categories.

You have the dynamic content elements in the “menu” group to get lists of pages for specific categories, though.

Hi, thanks!

So, if I could make a new page for menu results, maybe I could create a link and pass a parameter (category name) to the menu element?

Something like https://sitename/category_results?category=cat1

Or else, I would have to make multiple pages with different menu element configuration (one for each category). This isn’t very efficient, is it?

Would any of that make sense?

I think this is a job for a little custom extension (Developing TYPO3 Extensions with Extbase and Fluid — Developing TYPO3 Extensions with Extbase and Fluid main documentation).
Maybe there is already an extension available but I am not aware of.

I suggest you ask on Slack How to use Slack in the TYPO3 Slack Workspace - there is a lot more activity than here and many knowledgeable people.

by default there is a CE “categorized pages [menu_categorized_pages]”.
that should give you a list of pages for a given category.

That would work if we used a separate page for every category.

that would be the easiest way.
of course you could build a dynamic menu, where you select one of the available categories and where the content (next page or Ajax-replace) will show the list of pages for this category. this list can be build with the menu given, or you do it by your own.