How do I change the logo in Official Introduction Package

I installed Typo3 with Softaculos
I downloaded The Official Introduction Package and the bootstrap_package extension
My site showed up with the test content so everything works great👍
Now I want to change the logo to one of my own.
In Typo3 the file appears to be called introduction-package-inverted.svg
When I search, I find that it is in two places
I have replaced the svg file with my own in the above directories.
This does not work.
In the administration interface under Template and the BOOSTRAP PACKAGE category: LOGO (7)
there is the Logo menu.
Is this something you have to do to get your own logo in?
Thank you if someone can tell me how to do it.

Even if you could change the logo in this way you should avoid it as you never should change an extension because you could no longer update it or your change would be overwritten.

try to find the usage of the logo. probably in a page template or in typoscript and override it (in case of template: copy the template file to another place where you can modify it and add that path to the layout-, template- or partial-paths.
I could imagine that the logo is configured by typoscript constant and that you only need to set another constant value to your own file (filadmin/…) to get your logo.

For all changes is important to clear any caches or temporary files which may be involved.

OK thanks for this tip.
Now I have recreated my two extensions Introduction Package and bootstrap_package

In Typo3->Template->Introduction Package:Category BOOTSTRAP PACKAGE:LOGO(7)
Header: Logo I find a text about the logo svg file which says fileadmin/introduction/images/introduction-package-inverted.svg {2}
You told me not to change this extension’s files that have been installed in TYPO3 but copy these files to a directory outside the Typo3 installation under /public_html and modify these files there.
OK I hope I have understood you correctly?
I have my TYPO3 site on a web hotel
I’m thinking I’ll create a directory in /public_html called my_typo3_template
and copy what I want to change in Introduction Package and bootstrap_package extension to this catalog.
Then I point to this files I want to override in my TYPO3 installation.
In my web hotel, I find the file here:
/public_html/typo3conf/ext/introduction/Initialisation/Files/images/introduction-package-inverted.svg {1}
In the Typo3 template it says fileadmin/introduction/images/introduction-package-inverted.svg
I guess this is where I should point my modified logo svg file?
{1} and {2} Do these two paths point to the same file?
How do I point out my modified logo svg from Typo3?
Thank you very much if I can get help with this
Fredrik :smiley_cat: {Yes, I have a cat}

{2} might be a copy of {1}. or it could be a symlink. in general those files are individual files.

Your findings looks good and you can try to change the image in the template to see wether it is correct.

For learning purpose you could modify any file and look for changes in the output (be aware of caching on different levels!). In this way you could learn a lot about TYPO3.
Restore your changes afterwards (maybe by a new install which overwrites all your changes). In this way you will learn why changes in extensions are worthless in the long run and which changes will endure.