Help required as unable to add text to news story

Hello, I am not an expert in the backend of websites but have to update the news section on our project website. I have had a glitch with it for over a week now and can’t add any stories. Can anyone advise on how I may be able to fix it?
As you can see in the image it says ‘editor is being loaded’ but it never loads to let me add text.

Are you referring to the loading of the rich text editor? You could try to use a different browser or go the user preferences (Top Bar at the right side - your user icon) and disable the rich text editor.

Thank you, turning off the rich text preference worked. Really appreciate your help

your screenshot shows a TYPO3 version 8.7.24, which is very old. (for 8.7 you need ELTS to get 8.7.40)
you miss some security fixes and also some fixes for the RTE which enables it to work with newest browsers.