Gamification working group

Application by
Oliver Klee

What is your idea about?
With the pandemic going on, the community teams have mostly switched to doing online sprints (or to not have any sprints at all). Those tend to be less fun, less engaging and less productive than the on-location sprints.

The gamification working group has the mission of creating a concept for using gamification to make online sprints more fun, more engaging and more productive. (In addition, the group members will build expertise on the topic of gamification.)

What is the potential impact of your idea?
Teams (within TYPO3, but also from other open-source communities and other non-profit communities) can use our concept for having online sprints that are more fun, more productive and more engaging.

Potentially (if the existing gamification platforms are not suitable to what we need), we might also build a new gamification platform to use (which will be open source).

Who can / should implement your idea?
I will take care myself

Approximate Funds needed
below €5,000


Dear Oliver,

thank you for your application. In our call for applications we asked for specific ideas to grow the membership of the TYPO3 Association. Can you please explain how you application can help to grow the number of members?

Of course! This is the plan:

We use gamification at our sprints
→ the sprints become more fun, more engaging and more productive
→ the attendees feel more connected to the community and are motivated to contribute and to stay around
→ they feel more inclined to support the community and be more connected to it by becoming Association members

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Could we also use your ideas to include incentives to do reviews or get issues solved?

Of course! Our ideas and concepts are free for the taking, and gamification certainly would be helpful for making reviews and patches more fun.

I have been participating in the latest Gamification meetings. It brings in a new approach to research ways to increase contribution. The work of the group is applicable to every field in TYPO3 and brings in a psychological approach where we often have focused on tools and methodology. That is really cool!

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