Further development of my most important extensions

What is your idea about?
Currently I am the leader of some quite used extensions which need to be maintained, improved and adopted to changes of TYPO3 corle.

What is the potential impact of your idea?
"A LTS release TYPO3 11 can only be successful if enough extensions are compatible. Furthermore a lot of my extensions are used as best practice and devs use those to look up how something can be implemented.
Extensions I can think of are currently:

  • news
  • tt_address
  • eventnews
  • mailchimp"

Who can / should implement your idea?
I will take care myself

Approximate Funds needed
€10,000 - €25,000

Application by
Georg Ringer


Do you have any details on what do for these extensions?

I think these extensions are almost a must on any TYPO3 installation, so maintaining and improving them should be too. Improving metadata and supporting OG and Twitter cards within the extensions might be and idea to add. Thanks for all of the good work @just2b


1st important task to make those work with next version. This means eg:

  • replace pagination widgets
  • replace all other deprecated changes
  • get rid of more bugs
  • integrate feature requests like not indexing the detail request but the news on current page
  • improve templates
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I suggest to leave mailchimp out since the T3A should stay neutral in terms of “special interest” commercial 3rd party services. Maybe mailchimp even offers to sponsor the extension?

Typo3 is also successful because of its integrations. Yes I can reach out to mailchimp as well but I also do extensions which integrate eg Google maps or sendinblue.

Absolutely - I’m only saying there are other mail solutions out there who would also like to have their integration sponsored (I also did an integration for such a service myself), so we should make sure we don’t run into “political” discussions over the choice of partners. Maybe handling doing this through some kind of partner program using the GmbH could also be an alternative.

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