Frontend Rendering via Vue.js

(discobot) #1

Tue. 6th November, 2018

What is your idea about?

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(Tymoteusz Motylewski) #2

I suggest that this work is coordinated the PWA strategic initiative, as vue.js would also be used there for fe rendering

(Markus Pircher) #3

You can it with current TYPO3 versions, i have already programmed a frontend user area based on Angular with TYPO3 8 LTS and currently porting on 9 LTS. But its not easy, i use many CRUD operations, and the cHash parameter is the biggest enemy.

(Frank Naegler) #4

Do you talk about the “frontend” or the “frontend of the backend”?

(Oliver Hader) #5

What is the expected outcome of the research? Is it part of a scientific program (bachelor or master program) which might end in having a thesis document? Besides documentation a “best practice code example” could be an outcome as well.