Form a documentation content team

What is your idea about?
As Documentation Team repeatedly stated, that the team is currently not responsible / in charge of the documentation content but only of the infrastructure and they expressed the wish to have an additional team responsible for the content of the documentation. We have already started gathering interested parties and structuring ideas and would like to make it “official”.

What is the potential impact of your idea?
Finally have a documentation team responsible for the content of the documentation. I would be available as “person responsible for pushing the topic” as well as contributor, and there are already others voicing their interest.

Who can / should implement your idea?
I’d like to be able to organize several dedicated documentation content sprints as well as dispatch a bit of work time for smaller, well-defined projects with explicitly stated goals.

Approximate Funds needed
€25,000 - €50,000

Application by
Susi Moog