Filesystem by mistake modified

Dear All,

as newby I made an error in the tool, as I had modified the file system folder into: adminfile … now there is no change to upload anything, as the folder is now: adminfile/ (offline)

In this case: How can I reset the program, which I use online back to default ?

Thanks for your help

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have you created the folder adminfile and grant the webuser the right to write to that folder?
what prevents you from changing it back to fileadmin?

Dear Bernd,
I was stupid enough to overwrite with the admin rights this folder. Now it is with lock and offline… no chance to edit.
I would like to reset everything back to the start program

I still do not get where you changed what value, as fileadmin/ could be configured at different places.
And what version of TYPO3 are you using?
if you changed it at Configure Installation-Wide Options it probably is the value of [BE][fileadminDir]. Then change it back (or remove it so the default value is active again). (this value is stored in typo3conf/LocalConfiguration.php)
or did you change the basic file storage record? Just change it back. Preferable you do not chnage the initial record but add further records for other folders. then you might enable only these storages for your editors.

I have deleated the installation-wide options: the file adminfile/ I have deleated… Still on the navigation side on the left, under file , I find the info filelist and then inside still my wrong name "adminfile/ (offline) with the error code:

Folder not found.

The folder “1:/” cannot be accessed. Trying to use parent folder(s).

If I look in the log file:

Core: Exception handler (WEB): Uncaught TYPO3 Exception: #1329647780: Object with identifier “1:/” does not exist in storage | TYPO3\CMS\Core\Resource\Exception\ResourceDoesNotExistException thrown in file /homepages/3/d850102962/htdocs/clickandbuilds/TYPO3/20201125Triep/typo3/sysext/core/Classes/Resource/ResourceFactory.php in line 553. Requested URL:

Is there any chance to deleate TYPO3 in that way, that I can start with the default?

typo3 in version: 10.4.10 (for your info)

(solved) - I have seen, that I can got back in the history… my filesystem from yesterday is back. For the next steps… I have to read the manual :slight_smile:

so you only changed the initial file storage record.
As said: never touch that record!
if you want to use other folders add further records and make sure those folders can be access by web-user. grant your editors access to these file storages only!

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