by volker kemeter

What is your idea about?

an extension to fetch feedback from editors (or backend users in general). it will be implemented for the frontend in the admin panel and in the backend as a toolbar-item

the extension helps website-owners or developers to get valid informations about potential problems on a specific page with all kind of informations like

  • in the frontend:
    • a user-input text informations (eg. what’s not working)
    • url
    • screenshot (the user is prompted to create one, with browser-build in technique)
    • userdata from the logged in backend-user
    • fetchable meta-data like
      • browser
      • resolution
      • cookie informations
      • … and other informations that are fetchable via javascript
    • fetchable backend-data like
      • page-uid
      • number of images on the desired page
      • is page cachable
      • … and other informations, the typo3 eco-system can provide
  • in the backend
    • we are able to fetch the same data as we can fetch in the frontend

the informations will be sent in the first step via e-mail to a pre-configured e-mail address with an pre-defined e-mail-topic.

What do you want to achieve by the end of Q3 2024?

the extension should go into production at the end of q3 2024 with the features described above including documention for developers, integrators and users.
What is the potential impact of your idea for the overall goal?

with this extension a website-owner/tester is able to send feedback to the agency/website-developers/integrators/project-managers when something is not like expected without having knowledge about the system.

this should reduce unnecessary phone-calls, email-ping-pong and more needless communications, because all needed informations to locate and resolve a problem are available.

this might have an impact to potential deciders, to change or stay to/at the typo3 eco-system, because such features are only available with paid SaaS - solutions and only available (or easy to use) in the frontend - but hard to install in the backend of a typo3 website.

Which budget do you need for your idea?
7.500 Euro

Please note:
After the start of the voting we cannot change the idea description nor the idea outcome. If this idea is selected by the members, it must be archived as described.

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wouldn’t it be easier if the feedback is stored as record in the database? (even as a first step)
all developers/ integrators can inform themself about remarks/errors and keep a state (category) [new, confirmed, in work, resolved] in the list module.

later that could be enhanced:

  • with an own BE-module
  • an option to answer.
  • an info-box in the page-view module about noticed to the current page (like sys_note)

for the mailing I would expect the option to configure different email-addresses for different tree branches.

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Isn’t that solution already available? I remember that you presented this idea at TYPO3camp Vienna 2022: