Fe_login 11.5 templates

With version 11.5, felogin/Resources/Private/Templates/Login templates no longer seems to be used.

Is this true? How can I change the login/logout pages?

br, MV

what made you thing that? feLogin still uses Fluid Templates. and you can overwrite the template paths for that like ever. with plugin.tx_felogin_login.view.templateRootPaths same for Partials or Layouts.

i think what was finally removed was the “Marker Based Templates” the uses markers in the form ###MARKER_NAME### and this is no longer supported in TYPO11

you should NEVER! modify templates of the Core Extensions. but allways copy the template to a site specific location. add an templateRootPaths and modify the template to your needs.

Thanks for the hint, you’re right. In Typo3 10 there was a Feature Toggle “felogin: extbase” which was disabled in our last version.