Error updating extensions for typo3 v 13.1.1

After entering CLI: bin/typo3 referenceindex:update
I get this error:

Uncaught TYPO3 Exception Too few arguments to function TYPO3\CMS\Core\DataHandling\SoftReference\SoftReferenceParserFactory::__construct(), 0 passed in /var/www/html/public/vendor/typo3/cms-core/Classes/Utility/GeneralUtility.php on line 2985 and exactly 2 expected
thrown in file /var/www/html/public/vendor/typo3/cms-core/Classes/DataHandling/SoftReference/SoftReferenceParserFactory.php
in line 33

I am trying to work through the code. It looks like the code has been modified a good deal here. Please let me know of needed chages.
Thank you
Ken Tingey

Hi Ken!

Welcome to!

It looks like your dependency injection is not working properly. It’s possibly caused by stale caches. See if it helps to run bin/typo3 cache:flush.

Let me know if that works!

— Mathias