English language-based intro video course for integrators

Application by
Daniel Homorodean

What is your idea about?
“As there is currently no English-based TYPO3 video training available, the learning and onboarding process is very limited. The initiative has the objective to create and publish support material for beginners to start learning the basics of TYPO3.
The curriculum can be based on the proven learning path developed through the TYPO3 International Mentorship program. Once successful, the initiative can be repeated in French and Spanish”

What is the potential impact of your idea?
Make the onboarding of non-German developers much easier, make TYPO3 more attractive and easier to learn by the global audience.

Who can / should implement your idea?
the TYPO3 Community Expansion Committee, in collaboration with the other committees/teams ( Education Committee etc)

Approximate Funds needed
€25,000 - €50,000


Learning materials for integrators (and others) is also a part of the TYPO3 Agency Startup Package, so it would be great to find a way to collaborate.

I bought the Video tutorial from Wolfgang Wagner a while ago. I found this very useful, but it is in German.

I believe there were efforts for creating an English track, but as far as I know they were abandoned.

The same thing that I already wrote here applies - when you do this it would be cool if you also consider the documentation. While a video can - of course - stand on its own and has its merits it would be my dream if at the end of the day we have both (video and documentation, maybe even example extension to download and course material) and it is consistent.

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Wolfgang has really done an amazing job for the German-language market!

At a Marketing Team meeting earlier this year, I suggested making screen recordings of TYPO3’s interface in English, and then allowing the community to contribute voiceover in different languages. The buttons have the same positions, so that would be an affordable and community-enabled way to create videos in multiple languages.

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