Editor's day

Application by
Sybille Peters

What is your idea about?
"There are many events, but most of them are dedicated to developers or integrators. You rarely see people using TYPO3 as editors at events and often developers have no or very little contact with editors.

Since editors are key in creating great content - this user group is fundamentally important and often already has some ideas or can name specific workflows that need optimization or common use cases that create problems.


What is the potential impact of your idea?
More ideas and impulses for editing user experience.

Who can / should implement your idea?
The TYPO3 Association should look for someone

Approximate Funds needed


Why this idea: I recently talked an editor through a procedure in the backend because my colleague was on vacation. And afterwards I thought - oh my, poor editor, this is so difficult.

For this case, TYPO3 was not to blame, but there are other procedures and workflows that I find not so easy to do. But for some things you don’t really notice it a lot if you don’t work with it on a day to day basis or in specific settings.

I had this experience with several things in TYPO3 where I thought, this is ok, but then you try to actually use it in various settings or on a large site (e.g. with many files) and it becomes really difficult or not very usable.

Editors are really important but my question is: How do we reach those people? They are the employee of the customer of our customer (TYPO3 Community => Agency => Customer => Editor).

I am not sure how we get such people to visit real events? Maybe we need some good content platforms with tips and tricks and show teasers to those tips and tricks via backend?

I understand. It might be possible via the universities. I work at a university and I am pretty sure, some of our “power users” would be happy to attend - e.g if the event was announced as something like - “Help to improve the editing experience in TYPO3”.

Of course, another difficulty is that how the installation is setup and customized is not the same everywhere. But a good first step would already be to bring the people together: developers and editors.

I asked this question on twitter: As someone who sets up for customers - do you communicate with editors?. The result is promising so far: 72% who communicate with editors and 15% via another person. But I am wondering, what happens after the site is set up or the changes are made by the ageny? Or after it has been running for a while?

Perhaps we could reach editors with a message in the TYPO3 backend dashboard? Also agencies could encourage their customers to send their editors