[DONE] What to do with the snippets?

The “snippets” are a collection of snippets. They are linked very prominently from the start pages https://docs.typo3.org in the main menu.


  • not maintained
  • no version branches: there is no indication for what version the snippet applies. This makes it very difficult to determine if the snippet is relevant for your current TYPO3 version, especially for beginners
  • structured by year when they were created
  • no structuring by topic (there are keywords, but you can’t filter by them)
  • it is a mixture of snippets and tips, some of which would nowadays rather be created on Stack Overflow or a blog.
  • for some of the snippets there is no explanation, what problem or task the snippet is trying to solve.
  • You have some non-TYPO3 specific trivial snippets such as hello world (which in my opinion shouldn’t even be there).
  • You also have some useful (still relevant) snippets / tips, but they are difficult to find.

In short, they are partly outdated (at least for current LTSs) and there is no maintenance of this content at all.


Sift through what may be still useful. That can be moved elsewhere, e.g.

  • “Stack Overflow”
  • Respective “Examples” section for a topic. There are quite a few examples for TypoScript. It might be a good idea to add an “Examples” chapter to the “TSref”. Also to TCAref. And Fluid chapter.
  • Longterm, I think a collection of “Mini-Howtos” would be a good solution: Step by step description of achieving a specific task, such as the “Tutorials” in the Neos project (IMHO these are howto-guides, not tutorials, see howto guides). Something like that might be for example the “How to create custom content elements” page

I would take the snippets offline (the repository can be archived).

It would be up to the original author or any volunteer to move the snippet and “versionize” it (add the appropriate section to each version branch) - if moved somewhere on docs.typo3.org. This is too big a task and I don’t expect anyone would be willing to do it entirely. This means everyone should prioritize the snippets that are really helpful and where it would be a pity to see them disappear.

I like the idea of “mini-howtos” - I think that this would also need

  • a way to encourage people propose their howtos
  • an editorial team which should evaluate the proposed howtos

That sounds great but might be too good for a lot of the bad examples there.

I would really be fine with just deleting all that.

The place for snippets (in the future, no migration necessary) IMHO is stackoverflow where voting and comments can give it some context.

I totally agree with Jonas Eberle.

I also added snippets time ago, but more and more switched to Stackoverflow.

I’m also in favor of deleting the snippets, as they cause more confusion than benefit in their current shape.

I’m for removing the snippets. I’ve never used or seen them in search results.

I like the idea of the how tos as long term goal.

I’m also for removing the snippets. They are pretty outdated and not really helpful anymore.

Repository was archived, snippets removed from main menu and snippets removed from rendering. I am now closing this.