[DONE] Proposal for documentation manual start page

Result (Dec 26, 2020): Will implement as proposed.

Goal of decision: Get feedback on this proposal, agree on start page.

We recently decided to remove “Link targets” from the main menu and place the link on the start page (because the info is only relevant for editors and goal is to declutter menu). Problem is, where to put it.

I find it important to have a unified start page which will make it easier for orientation. We had that, meaning most of the start pages follow a specific template, but this has partly deviated and is also partly obsolete, meaning some of the information is actually unnecessary or outdated.

I would like to make a new proposal for a start page:

What should be on the start page:

meta information

Goal: keep meta info as short as possible so other relevant information is not off screen

  • Email - not necessary, contact email is in footer
  • Rendered: Date / time not necessary, is in footer



Also on start page:

Text that is no longer correct:

This document is included as part of the official TYPO3 documentation. It has been approved by the TYPO3 Documentation Team following a peer- review process. The reader should expect the information in this document to be accurate - please report discrepancies to the Documentation Team Official documents are kept up-to-date to the best of the Documentation Team’s abilities irrelevant

  • should create an issue or PR instead.
  • is usually not only or primarily “Documentation Team” which maintains the manuals - this maintains the expectation that “Documentation Team” should fix all problems


Further work

  • as a next step a universal menu can be defined, e.g. with Sitemap always as first or last item (whichever is best) etc.

The change has now been merged in the TCA reference. Other manuals will be updated.

The manual “Writing Documentation” was updated and now contains a page “Examples” with some example texts.