Documentation Maintenance and Improvement

(discobot) #1

Mon. 29th October, 2018

What is your idea about?

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(Richard Haeser) #2

Really like the idea to support the documentation team. But just for my info: are there any investments needed right now or is it to buy time so people can spend their time on optimising the documentation?

(Georg Ringer) #3

How has the money been spent the last year(s)? has it been fully used?

(Sybille Peters) #4

I’d also be interested to know, what the plans for 2019 are and what the money is used for (has been used for in 2018 and how it will be used in 2019). This applies to all budget proposals: The distribution of the money is not very transparent to me.

(Ingo Schmitt) #5

In the last years the documentation budget was mostly used.