Distribution SiteConfiguration not being copied to sites folder

Hi everyone,

im working on a distribution and want my SiteConfiguration to be copied to the sites folder.
My folder structure is extensionName/Initialisation/Site/identifierName/config.yaml

now when i install the distribution, the identifierName folder gets copied to typo3conf/ext/sites/
but the config.yaml is left behind and does not want to be copied.

Im testing this on a fresh installed Typo3 10.4 and the latest changelog i could find regarding this is the following:

I also have a data.xml file containing my PageTree, but that gets imported like it should be.

i hope someone knows why this is happening … or in this case, not happening.

thanks in advance

I have never created a distribution, but I would try to figure out, how other distributions do it. You can filter the TER for it: TYPO3 Extension Repository

Hi, thanks for the reply.

i took a look at the introduction package and it turns out that it does it the same way.
However i cant even install that on a fresh 10.4 on Windows10 using MAMP.
The Extensionmanager just turns white midway the installation.

Any help is appreciated.

most probably you are running into limits. You could set the php settings, to display errors and check the message

Yep, that was part of the problem.
I can now install the introduction package, however it wont copy the config.yaml aswell.
Even other public distributions are not copying the file where it belongs.

Is this possibly a Typo3 bug ?