Day of the week in the news system

I want to include the Day of the week in the news system, not just only the Date.

Can someone tell me how I could do that?

Thanks in advance,

In the frontend rendering, when rendering the selected date?

If yes, most likely the date viewhelper is used, and you can adjust the format used :slight_smile:

In Ext:news 11.4.1 I found a date formating in the partial List/Item.html with this code:

< format="{f:translate(key:'dateFormat')}">{newsItem.datetime}</>

this shows that the formatting pattern is stored in the language files.
so you can override it with overriding that value like this:

plugin.tx_news {
    de {
      dateFormat = %a %d.%m.%Y

or replace the partial with your own individual constant format string.

< format="%a %d.%m.%Y">{newsItem.datetime}</>
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