Data Science Integration with TYPO3 CMS: Seeking Best Practices

I’m exploring the possibility of integrating data science capabilities into a TYPO3 Content Management System (CMS) for a project that involves analyzing user behavior and optimizing content delivery. I’m curious if anyone has experience or insights into how to effectively combine data science techniques with TYPO3.

Specifically, I’m interested in:

  1. Data Collection: How can I efficiently collect and store user interaction data from the TYPO3 website, such as clicks, time spent on pages, and form submissions?
  2. Data Analysis: What are the recommended tools, libraries, or techniques to analyze the collected data and gain insights about user behavior, content engagement, and conversion rates?
  3. Integration: Are there best practices for integrating data science workflows into TYPO3? How can I use the insights gained to personalize content and enhance user experience?
  4. Visualization: What methods can I use to create interactive data visualizations within TYPO3 to share insights with stakeholders and website visitors?
  5. Scalability: How can I ensure that the data science integration remains scalable and maintainable as the website’s user base and content grow?

I’m looking for guidance, resources, and real-world examples from anyone who has tackled similar challenges or has expertise in both TYPO3 and data science. Any insights, tips, or recommended tools would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

What you are looking for is not specific for TYPO3. it sounds like google-Analytics or similar tools like Matomo.
An integration can be done in your base configuration as it mostly includes just some javascript.
(Be aware about data protection regulations!)

That would be part 1 and 3a.
3b depends on your goals and how you interpret your collected data.

Parts 2, 4 depend on the analyzer software which has nothing to do with TYPO3

For part 5 you need to use unique tags for collecting data.
Normally the URL would be unique and can be grouped on levels/ folders.
Use userfriendly URLs instead of cryptic IDs and hashes (slugs in TYPO3 notation)