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Hi there!

I am looking for an extension to create content via API as I want to call this API from an external .NET website. Is there any extension that could help, thanks in advance.

Hi Eman!

It sounds like the Integration REST API (interest) extension I’m maintaining could be what you’re looking for. It is “an import extension that provides CLI and REST endpoints for creating, updating, and deleting records in TYPO3.” Take a look at the manual.

Let me know if you have any further questions. I’ll be happy to help.

— Mathias

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Hi @mabolek !

Thank you for your response!

I attempted to set up the interest extension on my local Wamp server, which runs Typo3 v12. To do so, I created a backend user with admin privileges and verified the interest settings in the extension configuration.

However, when I attempted to call the authenticate API using Basic authentication with the URL http://localhost/yess12/public/typo3/rest/authenticate (where “yess12” is my Typo3 project), it redirected me to the login page.

Thank you for your assistance!

Hi Eman!

It looks like you have to change the URL Entry Point in the extension configuration. (Go to the Settings module in the TYPO3 Backend and clicking Extension Configuration. Scroll down until you find interest and click it to open the editing form.)

If you access your site’s home page at http://localhost/yess12/public/typo3, your URL Entry Point must be set to yess12/public/typo3/rest. I suspect it might be http://localhost/yess12/public, in which case you must set it to yess12/public/rest.

See if that helps.

PS! When you publish your site on a live server, remember that public should not be a part of the URL, as the files and folders within yess12 should be hidden from public access for security reasons. More info about the public folder in the documentation.

— Mathias

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